Put your best shape forward with trunks that play to your advantage — in trim, form-fitting styles and hot cuts that never go out of style. Our men's trunks are made with two things in mind: comfort and looks. Whether you're looking for the traditional look or an edgier style, we've got you covered with the very best brands and styles available today.

Diesel® Sebastian Trunk
UG# AM971
SALE: $14.00
Contour® Privé Trunk
UG# AL563
SALE: $5.00
Body Tech® Maximizer Boxer Brief
UG# AK297
SALE: $5.00
UG Basix Mini Trunk
UG# AJ815
SALE: $5.00
UG Basix Boxer Brief
UG# AJ812
SALE: $5.00
Tactics® Boxer Brief
UG# A494
SALE: $5.00